Friday, January 9, 2009

Highly Creative Blogger Interview #1: Jennifer Lee of Life Unfolds

I hope you enjoyed our Week 1 interview with Jennifer Lee of Life Unfolds. A creative power e-pack of all 12 inspiring interviews plus over 122 pages of accompanying transcripts and bonuses are now available at Your Creative Spark.

Jennifer Lee

Certified life coach, artist and yogini, Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching empowers professional and entrepreneurial women to awaken their inner muse and live life in full color. A former corporate ladder climber, Jennifer now lives her passion and helps others do the same. She is the creator of the Right-Brain Business Plan and the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit and is featured in two books. Jennifer is writing her first book about using art and creativity to unfold your life vision. Her faves: Ashtanga yoga, anything sweet (especially her husband, her dog and dessert!), reading, connecting with friends and doing arts & crafts.

Special offer for book club participants: The beginning of the year is a perfect time for creative visioning. Here are a few resources to spark your inner muse. In the month of January, when you purchase any of the items below, I'll send you my new illustrated "Your Life in Bloom" worksheet. Simply forward me your order confirmation and mention "12Secrets" and I'll e-mail your complimentary gift.
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Ananda said...

I discovered your blog while reading Jenn's blog. She is one of my favorite people. Her blog is so inspiring. Thanks for interviewing her. I love what you are doing with the book. I read it several years ago and have been using it with myself and creatiivity coaching clients. I will stop by more often to see what is happening with the book reading group and your blog posts. Peace and Creativity, Ananda

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for this interview. I listened to it fresh from a part-time (low low paying) job interview. I was sitting here in near tears at the thought of saying yes to it.

Then, I clicked on the interview and began to listen. I paused it and called our local parks and recs and talked to them about offering some soulcollage classes to their children!

My husband came home while I was on the call and we talked. We decided that I wouldn't take the job but I would spend as much energy working on doing what I love and let the Universe take care of the rest.

My next plan is to write a proposal letter since Parks and Rec was interested! And then a business plan to keep myself engaged.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Incidentally, I now have to make a whole new full moon vision card LOL

Melba said...

This was an awesome interview. I could feel you both smiling. I loved when I could hear you both giggling!

Rebekah said...

Thank you both so much for putting this together! It was so inspiring and eye opening.

I really enjoyed listening to you both talk about inspirations, as well as when Jennifer Lee said, "We're all the artists of our own life." One of the areas I get caught up in knots is feeling uninspired, and another is limiting myself to an abbreviated definition of what creative is.

So I am leaving this entry full of ideas and inspired. Thank you both again! And thank you, Jamie, for masterminding this.

Genie Sea said...

What a refreshing, invigorating, soul nurturing interview!

Thank you Jamie for putting this together. Your vision and generosity are truly awe-inspiring.

Thank you Jennifer Lee for doing the interview and breathing such inspiration into our lives.

I listening to the whole interview smiling, as idea after idea, possibility after possibility came tumbling through my mind.

YES! :)

Leah said...

what a fabulous interview!! thanks jamie and jenn!!

KathrynAntyr said...

What an amazing interview. There were so many soul nourishing nuggets in it. I love the discussion of inner muses ~ naming them, writing a creative manifesto, and giving them a voice. I also enjoyed hearing about finding the connections with other artists and creatives. It is so true that we can feel isolated and alone with our struggles/fears/challenges as creatives.

This interview is wonderful, you both are wonderful. I love what you are doing here.

{soul hugs}

Lisa said...

Oops. I didn't realize until this morning that I linked to my blog and not the post. Sorry. I'll do better next time. :)

jennifer lee said...

Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts and insights here! I'm thrilled to know how the interview touched you and I'm so honored to be part of this vibrant community of creative souls. Thanks again, Jamie for such a magical opportunity!!!

Gypsy Alex said...
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Kathy Crabbe said...

Thanks for featuring Jen first - she has been a great help to me as a coach and I thought of her esp. when I posed with sunflowers for my Blog Bio Pic!

Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe