Friday, February 6, 2009

Highly Creative Blogger Interview #5: Christine Mason Miller

I hope you enjoyed our Week 5 interview with Christine. A creative power e-pack of all 12 inspiring interviews plus over 122 pages of accompanying transcripts and bonuses are now available at Your Creative Spark.

Christine Mason Miller is a Santa Monica based artist with nearly 15 years of art, design and illustration experience. She is the creator of the internationally recognized brand Swirly, and her work has been inspiring people of all ages worldwide to follow their dreams and passions since 1995. Her work as an artist has evolved far beyond the Swirly world, with collections of paintings and mixed media creations being sold and exhibited nationwide. Christine's work gives viewers a peek into a variety of details of her life, from travels around the globe to memories shared with her grandma. Using materials as varied as acrylic and oil paints, pastels, ink, vintage photographs and other ephemera, Christine's creations are full of color, texture and hidden stories.

Her latest creation, Ordinary Sparkling Moments, is a full color self-published book that combines her mixed media work and writing, all aimed at exploring the joys of finding wisdom in everyday life. Ordinary Sparkling Moments was released in August 2008 and can be purchased on this website, Etsy and

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You can reach her at

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Ananda said...

Great interview with Christine. I loved what she said about pushing yourself beyond what you like in your work. That's the edge... the place where it might be a bit uncomfortable because it is new and unknown for me. Thanks for sharing your insights Christine. Tyou Jaime for another great interview.

Jessie said...

Oh, I could have listened to this interview all day long! :) Christine, you are a creative powerhouse. I had so much fun listening to both you and Jamie. There is lots to be said for just getting down to work and Doing It! You are a wonderful example of the incredible things that can happen with a little self-commitment.

Thank you for sharing your creative self! :)

Gypsy said...

Inspiring and wonderful interview. I fully enjoy and wait every Friday to hear the next interview!~

Lissa said...

Here's to stepping out of the the "safety zone." Thanks for another inspiring interview.

Elizabeth said...

oh I love this woman, this goddess of FIERCE DETERMINATION!

thank you Jamie for this wonderful, insightful interview!!

bisous, Elizabeth

Olivia said...

Another fantastic interview! WOW! I enjoyed it very much...

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous interview. So nice to hear her voice and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

Leah said...

Great interview, Jamie and Christine! Loved it!!

starrynightimpressions said...

I loved Christines remark regarding having a dead line to get something done. I have realized lately that I must also have that line! and that it's okay, make the date and work towards that goal :)
thanks Christine for letting me know I'm not the only one!

Cindy said...

Great interview! I've listened to it four or five times now and will probably listen to it a few more times. I'm a big fan of Christine's and really enjoyed being touched by her wisdom and her joy.

I'm a big believer in just showing up at the canvas and doing the work on a regular basis, so I really appreciated hearing her echo that sentiment. I also loved hearing her say that she's a deadline girl, because I really need them, too. Unfortunately, self-imposed deadlines don't work for me. I need the pressure of an external deadline.

Can't wait for the next interview!

Swirly said...

Thank you again Jamie...I am glad everyone has been enjoying the interview!

jennifer lee said...

Such great advice, Christine. I needed to hear this. Thanks for another awesome interview, Jamie.