Friday, March 13, 2009

Highly Creative Blogger Interview #10: Darlene

I hope you enjoyed our interview with Darlene. A creative power e-pack of all 12 inspiring interviews plus over 122 pages of accompanying transcripts and bonuses are now available at Your Creative Spark.

Darlene J Kreutzer is a published photographer and poet who lives with her musician husband and sports minded son in the diverse landscape of Western Canada. When she is not scribbling in her notebooks or playing with light, she can usually be found playing with paints, twisting up jewelry designs, creating culinary vegan delights or puttering in her garden which is currently sleeping under a few feet of snow.

She has an English Literature degree and a Secondary Education degree and works full time as a project coordinator in the healthcare sector. She and her husband also started a photography business in 2008 which specializes in artist, lifestyle and wedding photography. She continues to take art, writing and photography classes and workshops when she can and hopes that she will continue to learn, grow and change as the years go by.

She is grateful for: family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love, friends and inspirations, the beauty of nature, the ocean's cold spray, the soft barnacle skin of the grey whale and the possibilities that exist in life.

Darlene can be found at:
business sites: (photography portfolio)

collaborations (this site is a collaboration between four canadian blogger photogs and will be going live this monday :)

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kristen said...

that was a lovely interview, it gave me a chance to hear my sweet friend's voice, it made me feel like we were on the phone together. cheers!

jennifer lee said...

Wooohooo Darlene for making your declaration. It's been sooo cool witnessing how the universe is providing for you now that you've sent the message as to where you're heading next :)! Lovely interview.

Anonymous said...

I liked how Darlene shared that she makes her creative life a part of her normal life. She takes her camera and her journal everywhere she goes. I have started to do this and I just think that is such a great idea. Thanks Darlene for you insight and for being bold and making your declaration. Best wishes to you on that.

Ananda said...

Congratulations Darlene. Many blessings of abundance to you as you move forward on living your dreams. Great interview Jamie.

Alessandra Cave said...

So proud of you, Dar! Lovely interview! xo

Lucy said...

so happy I read this, I think Dar is a Doll.
I wish her every happiness for always!