Friday, February 27, 2009

Secret #8: Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances

This week's secret is Selecting Empowering Partnerships & Alliances.

There are some powerful words in this secret. One of them is 'selecting.' We get to be selective about who we are going to trust with our precious creative dreams. Many of us have had and have shared our experiences of being hurt by a thoughtless remark, shutdown by an insensitive teacher or discouraged by feeling unseen at all.
Maybe we couldn't choose who are grade 8 art teacher was but we can choose now. Who do you want to connect with, to be amidst, to partner with?

Realizing that you are at choice in your relationships is empowering in and of itself, and even more so when you start to consciously cultivate partnerships and alliances that support and encourage you. We are each unique and it's important to know what you, yourself, find empowering. Does it inspire you to be challenged by others or do you work better with encouraging words? Does it depend on the stage of the game? Does working with people with similar ideas get you excited and raring to create together or are you stimulated by entirely different viewpoints?

What's an empowering partnership look like to you? If you were to make a list of 'characteristics of the dream support team' what would be on it?


D said...

I loved thinking about my partners in this journey of making a life.

Anonymous said...

Yep, though I didn't find the chapter that intriguing, it DID make me think very clearly about how blessed I am in terms of alliances.

Ananda said...

This secret made me grateful for all of the creative women in my life.

Snap said...

I just have a journal page for today. I am very grateful for the creative people in my life. They always have my back!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I do not have creative friends that I share these dreams with - it sometimes makes it a very lonely journey. In one of my posts on my blog I talked about how I used to make things and people/friends would say - it's cute - but what do you do with it. Ugh I hated that comment. Now with blogging I have met people who "get it".

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Dear Jamie -

thanks, for this wonderful secret. It kept my thoughts busy and I have the feeling that I got closer to myself.

Lots of love,


KathrynAntyr said...

Jamie, I can't thank you enough for organizing this book blogging group. It has made such an impact on my life and is helping me to realize my dreams. It has been another magical and powerful week in the tree house. I hope you are doing well.

{soul hugs}

wildheart said...

It was wonderful to remember, appreciate and acknowledge all of the amazing creative partnerships I have had in my life.

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

I crave a wonderful creative community as well.

Fannie said...

Writing my reaction to this chapter reminded me of the wonderful friendships I have, and gratitude for my family and past experiences and collaborations.

Thanks for the reminders, Jamie! And thanks for sharing.