Friday, March 20, 2009

Secret #11: Subtracting Serenity Stealers

"The first step in starting an enterprise is to clear the space for it or till the ground."
Barrie Dolnick, Simple Spells for Success

I love that this particular secret is coming up just in time for spring! Let's make way for yumminess to bloom into our lives. This week Gail's encouraging us to "get rid of everything you neither need or want in your life." What disturbs your serenity?

Some places to look:
  • clutter
  • toxic people
  • toxic situations
  • limiting beliefs
  • activities you dread
  • over-committing
  • over-scheduling
  • over-stimulation
  • perfectionism
  • the outdated
  • the "undone"
  • habits that aren't serving you
In service of your joy, your art, your heart, your body, your serenity, your dreams and your spirit, pick one stealer this week make the cut. You can do it!


Genie Sea said...

Whoa! I'm first! Having the flu has its advantages, I guess! lol

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Sending you lots of Reiki, Genie Sea!

GraceGal said...

Sorry, I had already posted on my blog last night before I saw your list. Having the list reall brings things down to action. Thanks.

D said...

Another week. Wow.

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

It feels so good to be part of it ... :)

Karley said...

Week 11 already? Now it is crunch time! I said in week 1 or 2 that I'd finish repainting our bedroom to make a tranquil escape for myself!!!

Fannie said...

Genie Sea, hope you're feeling better and recovering from the flu.

Karley, a tranquil escape sounds nice.

Yes, week 11 . . . time flew!

Thanks, Jamie, for another week of changing.

Rowena said...

I'm still hanging in there. I can't believe we've almost finished the book. Look how far we've come.

Ananda said...

Wonderful posts ladies. Rich and juicy. Feel better Genie. Thanks everyone for all of the sharing. It inspires me beyond words. Tyou Jaime.

Pearl Maple said...

Oh that is a good theme.
I have been off line for a few weeks during a move where the telecommunications company failed me but have me lots of time to think about clearing clutter.

creativehealinggoddess said...

hugs to genie been so busy chasing!!!

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